Monday, July 30, 2012

Ginny Harper

Katie and I just got home from the dog park with Ginny.  I can hear her panting behind me.
She got along very well with the other dogs and people. A+
She does not come when she is called. D

I even brought smelly, delicious treats, but even that did not entice.  It was only when she was very tired and was milling around with the other tired and hot pups that Katie was able to nab her.

We kept the leash on her and walked out of the park that way.   She was fine with that arrangement by that time.  She had used up a lot of energy.  A little white puppy chased her round and round :o)

The other dog owners were friendly and very nice.
They all get a A+ too :o)
It will be a REALLY nice place to go when it is COOLER out.

Sure wish there was a lake dog park like in Chicago....that water was a special treat!
Ginny definitely needs a fenced in area tho....I will not be letting her run wild any time soon.

So it goes from the Dog Reporter,