Saturday, June 01, 2013



makeup is fun...i like to buy makeup...i like to buy creams...i love to look at nail polish...
i usually have a bare face....katie is very fond of wearing makeup...helping her is my job...
she is a pro at eyeliner...she is only 13...this freaks me out a little....she would wear bright lipstick if i let her...she wears the powders and lotions i buy...but do not wear...she curled her hair for the last day of school....her curls frame her face...she had to sit on the floor to have the light hit her face just right....sometimes i feel like i have her on a leash...i need to hold her back...she is racing forward...i say no a lot....but i also say you can see by the eyeliner....

and yes...i tell her this...we had a nice discussion about conceit this week....
being beautiful inside is the most important thing....i reminded her of esther...beautiful esther who saved the kind....
very beautiful.

and so it goes...


  1. Your daughters both exude an inner beauty that says they are loved and are here to make the world a better place. I am so glad I have had the chance to meet them in person (-:

    On the basketball home stretch this weekend. Breathing in. Breathing out.

    Love you. Happy Saturday.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Good luck and Go Team! Praying for you mothers and dads, too. jep

  2. I'm 38 and still haven't mastered eye-liner. Sigh. She's beautiful. Inside and out. :)

  3. I'm 34 and terrified of eye-liner... I still wear next to no makeup though I am sure I need it. I just hate fuss

  4. She's a beauty .. a mirror of her mom, I think ;-) I used to do the makeup thing everyday when I had to work ... weekends it was clean faced and loved it. Since I've retired I haven't ventured near the makeup bag ... LOL

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I am another bare faced woman, but when I worked I did wear make up...just not much. I poked the eyeliner brush in my eye once in my teens and decided maybe that was not something I needed to do. Hard to do mascara and eyeliner when you need your glasses to see even up close. ;-)

    Katie looks radiant in those photographs, such a beauty inside and out. You are a good mother and a good example for us since we only really know about boys and now have this granddaughter. Thank you!

    love and prayers, jep

  6. having daughters is scary...

    love, mom of boys.

    1. Agreed. I think four boys and a girl will be the route I go, because... I get to choose...


      I think it is fun to dress up and put on make up, and even though I was never as into it as Katie, now I just get bored of looking the same. every. day. Getting ready for work: Make up on, clothes on, hair done. Boooooring.

  7. It is a good thing that you say yes. As a mom, we must say no so often. Saying yes, while we can monitor, is brilliant. She is beautiful. Much of that beauty does come from within. She is the sister and sister-in-law of two beautiful young women. It's understandable that she would want to look like them.
    You are doing a great job my friend.
    PS I couldn't live without waterproof mascara, which often doubles as eyeliner especially in the summer!!! ;-)

  8. You are a wonderful Mom of two beautiful girls - and like Cheryl said a beautiful daughter-in-law too. These are young ladies to be proud of.

    (side note: I would be lost without my make-up because I'm a little on the pale side, plus I like to wear black. Lipstick is a must to keep from getting dry and cracked lips. Since your tip I have been stocking up on EOS while in the States and I love it for morning and evening.)

    Above all: the verse is so true, and your reference to Esther is a wise one to share with Katie. Talk about real beauty.

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM

    HHMMMM< where have I heard those Quiet, Gentle Spirit words before??? They are true, I've just never been very good at achieving that state of mind.

    Katie is adorable............she sure has mastered the are of eye liner of which I am disastrous! Karen F.

  10. Ouch. That "quiet, gentle spirit" struck a chord. I am soooo not either--I'm loud, tomboyish and silly. I need a little more quietness and gentleness in my life.

    Can Katie come to Texas to show me how to do the eyeliner thing?

    I think teaching boys can be equally as hard, but in a different way? I pray constantly, that my boys continue to "grow in stature" (they've got that down pat--TALL boys, I have!--"wisdom, and in favor of God and man." There may not be the drama that often can come with having girls, they need equal guidance.

    Boys are what causes most of the worry for moms (or DADS) of girls!!

    It's just different, isn't it?

    Both are beautiful and wonderful in their own way.

  11. On my worst days, my prayer for my oldest son: 'please God, no jail, no babies. No jail, no babies.'

    On my best day? 'Use this young man you've entrusted to us to bring glory to You. No matter what his choices, no matter what goes wrong and what goes right -- for the sake of the kingdom, for the sake of the Lord's renown'.

    Hoping for a lot more best days. That's a much better prayer.


    1. Steph,
      I'm there with my 15 year old daughter...On the hard days, I pray, "No drugs, no babies, no drugs no babies..."


    2. Anonymous5:40 AM

      Being a parent is hard!!! How do we help our children make good choices? We need to raise them with a real appreciation for their value and worth, as temples of a living God, so they're less tempted to give themselves away for a counterfeit version of love or fill themselves with things that will hurt them. And we need to teach them the truth about our sexuality -- that it is a priceless gift from God that allows us to participate in a divine love that is eternal and abundant to the point of overflowing into new life. I know you weren't implying otherwise, but we need to be careful about sending a message that babies are bad. Sometimes that's what they hear. I had friends in high school whose parents so stressed the "no babies" thing that when they got pregnant, ironically, the didn't feel like they had a choice. They had to get an abortion in secret. Life altering is one thing, life ending is another. Babies are beautiful! ;-) Our children need to know we love them "to infinity and beyond and no matter what."

  12. Donna, I turn 31 today and I wear no makeup on a daily basis. I had to have my sister apply my make up for my engagement pictures. I just couldnt handle it. The only time I apply a little powder an eye shadow is when Pat and I attend an event like a wedding or we are looking for an excuse to dress up. I was excited to see Emma briefly last Saturday and Katie looks so grown up.

  13. Ps - i LOVE to buy make up and i almost never wear it. I wish I had someone in my house to do my hair every day. Make up I can do without, but hair help would be awesome.

  14. awww Maybe Katie can help ME with makeup. I want a new lipstick shade....

    I love the DOVE beautiful women ads for their messages. Happy SUMMER Katie..your school is ahead of ours..I think our kids get out this week. Zach finishes high school student teaching on wednesday. He graduates fathers day weekend!

  15. Joining in again on the makeup question...if I go out without mascara, I get asked by anyone I know, "Are you okay? You look so tired." My eyelashes are invisible.

    I think Katie's makeup looks just right, and I wish I had her skills. The eyeliner application gene totally missed me.

    I need someone to come to my house, teach me how to apply makeup, tell me what to do with my newly short hair, and show me how to dress more fashionably. That's all I ask. Really (-:


  16. Sounds like we all need to head to Donna's house for make-up lessons!!!! Anyone anyone?!

  17. I wore make-up at 13 too, bought it with my babysitting money. My only advise is to always take it all off before you go to bed. Much better for your skin and you don't end up with a bunch of black/grey streaky stained pillowcases!


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