Tuesday, February 04, 2014

High School is coming....


Last night we went to the Course 'fair' and introduction to the local high school.  I don't usually say the name of our town...but by next year I am sure I won't be able to exclude it from the posts.

She is very excited to go to this school.
I am feeling less afraid.

The big bad public school.

As a  homeschooler you can only imagine what I have heard for the last 20 years.  Always the horror stories.  But by this point in my life I know many, many, many students who have done exceptionally well in the public system.   I personally know gads of lovely public school teachers.

So this is what I will remember as Katie trots off to the public school.

I will pray for her and her school and trust her to God.

One thing I thought was odd is that a foreign language is not required.  I asked, isn't that a requirement for all colleges?   I was told it is not for the schools that most of the students will be going to.

I am used to prep school standards and home school over kill standards, I guess.

Katie will be taking French.  I encouraged her to pick French even tho she has been taking Spanish for six years,  because when we go to Paris she will be fabulous!!!


before and afters....



When shooting straight into the sun you get a bit of a haze.  A few tricks in photoshop help this situation.



I used a  BW MCP action on this one.


I used a color MCP action on this one.  Katie likes this best.
As you can see from the unedited color one above Katie's skin tones are not that pleasing( to me).  (pink nose)  Adding color to the whole picture spruced it up nicely, don't you think?

Here are the stats for these pictures.

Camera Nikon D700
Exposure 1/3200
Aperture 2.0
lens 85mm
ISO 200

And so it goes!

Encourage one another,


  1. These photos are marvelous. I love how you give the details, for those interested. :-)

    Katie will thrive in High School. She's got the right stuff, and a terrific mom.

    French? Oui! When are you planning to visit Paris?? Ahhhhh - big sigh - Paris!

  2. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Beautiful photographs…Katie looks like she has a glow around her…you found the light!
    Our youngest and his family want to spend a year in France living in the culture and beauty of the space. We are keeping our passports updated. ;) love and prayers, jep

  3. I promised Katie a trip when we took Emma. Wasn't that smart?

  4. something to look forward to! :-)

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Katie will be great in high school! She's grounded and comes from a great family!

    As for French, our son is majoring in French this coming Fall - I say, have her take at least 2 years. She'll never regret it! And it is, by the way, the international language for business in Europe. All of our son's teachers have said it is the best language to master if you wish to live / work in Europe. (and knowing German or Italian or another language doesn't hurt either!).

    --Mary from Wheaton

    1. That's wonderful Mary. Yes. Of course. At least two years. Most schools I know of want two years...many want three. I'd love for her to take it all four years. We will see if she loves it. I hope so!

  6. I love the tones you created with Katie's images. She just loves to pose for you and I m glad

  7. Amy J in WI11:52 AM

    Katie will be going to my alma mater...that is a very exclusive club :). Have her get involved in music or theater. I suspect that is where she will find "her people." And, how nice that you will be so close!

    1. Amy... You turned out okay.


    2. Those weird question marks are really cute emoticons. Believe me.

  8. Donna,

    I will be sending Brennan to school next year. My first child to go to school after 19 years of homeschooling. We are hoping he can do a hybrid of independent study and classroom, but the independent learning program has a waiting list. I sure hope he makes it in! But if not, he will have his basketball peeps to hang with. And several of them were in my husband's 7th or 8th grade classroom and were some of his favorite students. We're a spread out community, but there sure is a small town feel to it for us at this point. I like that!

    He wants to take French, too. Claire is taking French at the local jr. college right now, and when she was asked why she was taking French she said, "For my future travels to Paris." That girl has big dreams!

    God bless sweet Katie. I am glad she is so excited!

    Is there a Target between you and the high school? Thinking of your daily chai fix (-:


    1. Di!!! This is HUGE news! Very exciting. Whatever will you do with yourself?!? :)

      Donna, I am excited for you and for Katie. Imagine how much more free time you'll have as you say farewell to your daily commute!!!

    2. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Yes, {{{LIKE}}}

  9. Katie in high school! Where did the time go?! Taking a foreign language is a good decision. You don't know where she will want to apply in 4 years and that is usually a requirement for most colleges. Been there, done that with my oldest kids. Live and learn!

  10. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I think Katie will thrive in high school. She has a great relationship with you and Patrick and that is very positive. : ) Your baby is going to start high school and my baby is going to start kindergarten. We have actually given thought to homeschooling, but for right now we are going to send her to public school.
    What a goal to have set in place! Going to Paris sounds fabulous.
    I really like the pictures. The black and white pics are my faves. All the pretty textures stand out.

    Dreaming of a green spring,
    Sarah P. from it's snowing in Iowa

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      And my baby will start college!! We're from all different life stages here, aren't we?? :)

      Mary Z

  11. Anonymous1:33 PM

    So glad Katie is excited for high school! What an exciting time in her life!! One of the best things that happened to Molly freshman year was volleyball. Since it was a fall sport and camp and try-outs were in the summer, she already felt like she belonged once school actually started. That was such a comfort to me.

    I also thought at least two years of a foreign language were required for most colleges. At least that's what we saw last fall when Moll was deciding where to apply.

    Merci for sharing the gorgeous photos!!

    Mary Z

  12. I have a Senior and a Freshman at VAHS and I can tell you their experience has been wonderful. They also came from our church's day school and they transitioned seamlessly. The level of communication from the school is very good. I like how they give the Freshmen their own building.

    Great photos too! I love my 85.

  13. Thank you John! Thank you for sharing how well your children are doing at VAHS! Very good news :o)

  14. We have such different little 8th graders. Kaish struggles and struggles. Every day it is such a burden for the child to go to school. I tell him to look for adventure. I tell him to find something interesting and unique in every class. He rolls his eyes. Last week, for the first time in his entire school career I got a good call from the school. Kaish made honor roll! I couldn't believe it. I almost dropped dead.

    Next year he is not taking any language. He couldn't believe I had the audacity to suggest it. He thinks the bare minimum is far too much. He wants to be a movie director when he grows up. I am really hoping that works out!

    I hope Katie loves high school. She will do great. She will shine a light for Jesus in the darkness.


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