Friday, February 07, 2014

WAIT for me!!!!





Remember when I did this?

Yeah.  That was funny.

Lots of love,
Donna Elsie


  1. "Dang it!" HA!

    p.s. I kept thinking "good thing she didn't throw it in reverse!" Angels watching over Katie!!

    We'll call you Donna Elsie Lucy ;-)

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      {{{LIKE}}} We all have our "Lucy" moments…jep

    2. ain't that the truth!

  2. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Too funny! My mom didn't ever drive off without me....she just plain forgot me one time. I sat and I sat (outside of the school, no one around) waiting for my mom. She never came. Finally, a friend's mother just happen to drive by and noticed me. LOL No cell phones. We lived in the country. My mother felt terrible. It's funny now. : )

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    My mother forgot me several times. She was a teacher and would have after class meetings and there I would sit at the junior high waiting, waiting, waiting….;) Once my math teacher came out and was not happy that I was still there at campus. Not fun, but eventually my mother would get there…ah, remember the kid moment. Things like that are funny now. The main thing is that kids know for sure, no doubt about it that they are loved, loved, loved…and Katie knows that and so do we. :-) love and prayers, jep

  4. This just makes me laugh! I have done similar things to my poor children—accidentally leaving them at school, etc. My aunt and uncle left my cousin at a gas station on their way home from my grandma's. They didn't know until the police chased them down (they had 10 kids.) They laugh about it all the time now.

  5. Yes, I remember this! Time I saw the reenactment photos I remembered. But I watched the video again because it's such a great story. ;)

  6. sonjasunshine1:59 PM

    Hilarious! I love it! Somehow, I've managed to avoid forgetting my children. I've forgotten just about everything else, but, luckily, not my kids...yet. As a 1st-grader I was dropped off at school one day when we'd just had a big snow and the school was closed. My dad noticed there was no other traffic AFTER he pulled out of the school drive. He turned around to come back and get me, but by then I was sobbing. He laughed & laughed all the way home, but I never did. I was not a happy 1st-grader!
    Thanks for the belly laugh! I don't remember it. Maybe it was before I found your blog. Do you remember what year this was?

  7. Yep. Still funny. I forgot to pick up my youngest at the bus stop once. She was 5. And the school secretary was laughing when I picked her up. Those secretaries have a good sense of humour.

  8. I will not fill this box with the stories of my parenting foibles. But there are MANY. I remember this post...and love Katie's goofy grin!

    And look at your short hair! Fun to see the changes!

    Happy Rainy Friday. I am rejoicing with each drop here in Dry as a Bone California.


  9. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I remember this and it's just as good the second time should be a story is hysterical! Thanks for a great ending to a crazy, hectic week. :)
    Karen F.

  10. The day I graduated from high school my family left me at school. Right after the graduation ceremony I had to go turn my robe in to get my real diploma. I graduated with 868 people. They did not hand out any diplomas. They just read our names as we walked down onto the football field to find our seats. We didn't even cross the stage. There were too many of us. I said hello and hung out with my family and friends for a while. But when I got done turning my robe in, no one was to be found. I had no purse or a dime for the pay phone (you know it was ages ago if there were still pay phones that cost a dime). And the office was closed. I was not happy. It took a while, but I finally made it home.

    I love that you laugh at yourself and share your funny stories with us. Laughter is a great thing.

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I love all of this-- Katie running after the car (Dang it!!), you recounting the story, and Katie's reenactment photos. It is all so, so funny!!! There's probably some kind of life lesson in there about being sure to look in the rearview mirror of life... :)

    Mary Z

  12. ....and that was the day I knew I loved you!!! xoxo

  13. P.S. I like your hair long ;-) It is lovely to hear your voice again.

  14. Oh Susan!!! That haircut made me furious!!!!! I think the lady was high!!!

  15. I love it. I laughed as much watching the video as I did the when it happened.Funny.

  16. Yes, I do remember this incident -- too funny! How long ago did it happen? I've been following your blog for a while now.

  17. Oh Donna Boo….
    FIREMAN was home alone in his retirement this afternoon. I went to a volunteer party that was so cute at the animal shelter. (We had a kissing booth, and a shelter dog gave kisses and then you got a raffle ticket) too cute. .
    Anyhew, I get home and fireman says, "YOu have to read Donna Booshay' s post ..did you see it?
    I think he was lonely. :) He laughed and laughed and I watched it and laughed too.

    I always say MOTHER OF THE YEAR when I screw up !!!

    SO you have a Retired Fireman Follower!!!! He loves Madison so lookout

    1. Aw!!! He likes it cause it most assuredly reminds him of his darling wife!!
      You guys come and visit in the spring!! Deal?!

  18. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I have tried to comment here a trillion times over the months, only to have it evaporate into the ether. If I have to try a trillion more times today, I will, because this. is. HYSTERICAL! I'm laughing like a madman in my office here at work...

    --mary e. from wheaton

  19. I remember.
    SO funny!


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