Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mentoring and a prayer request.


Yesterday afternoon I mentored a young woman from Texas.  She is visiting family in Wisconsin and we have been planning our session since January.  While it still makes me nervous...I prefer one on one teaching to groups.  Chrystal was able to ask exactly what she needed and I was able to show her.  We could skip topics that she was very familiar with and work on and build confidence in other areas.

After a cloudy morning the sun shone and we were able to really utilize the sunshine.  Which made both of us happy!

Katie modeled her little bott-tom off.


Chrystal has a little boy so we worked on getting the settings right for action shots, finding the light and  getting tack sharp pictures.

I had a lovely time teaching her!

And then my husband almost set the house on fire.

(When Patrick came home she snuck in the kitchen where we were sitting and he put the oven on preheat...without looking inside.  An old pan on the top rack was very close to the heating element and it started smoking like crazy.)

It was exciting.

Fun times at the Boucher's.


Lots going on here.
If you could say a little prayer of Help Please for my hubby, that would be wonderful.

I will imagine all the voices floating to heaven like in the beginning of It's a Wonderful Life.

But it will be for Patrick....and not George.

Thank you.

Encourage one another,

p.s. Hi Chrystal.  What a pleasure to meet you!  Hope you had a great time last night!


  1. Always an honor to pray, Donna, knowing the power of our prayers.

    Tammy ~@~

  2. xoxo love you; mean it

  3. Praying. May encouragement take root in your hearts. And may your hubby feel blessed and loved by our heavenly Father.

    I love the pics of model Katie. What fun for you and Crystal. (Minus the stove sitch!)

  4. Fun Knitter9:46 AM

    Such an inspiring quote from Maya Angelou that you posted yesterday. Sending positive vibes to Patrick (and to you too!)

    You have more followers and you have touched more lives than you realize!

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Praying! And sending thoughts of comfort and cyber hugs, too!

    Mary Z

  6. Praying right now, Donna.


  7. Praying for your husband, and for you. God is so good. Even when we face struggles...

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Praying for Patrick and you, dear Donna.

    I'm sure the smoking pan gave you all some laughs! Good times.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  9. Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me — Psalm 54

    Praying for divine sustenance for your man. Thanks for asking.

  10. It would be my dream to take a private class from you!

    Praying for your Patrick now. God hears and knows. Hugs.

  11. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Praying for your Patrick. May God give him wisdom in whatever he is dealing with and surround him with His loving comfort.

    Debbie Z.

  12. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Dear God, Please be with Patrick and his family in every situation. Bless and keep them in Your Love and Grace. Amen.

    My father did something similar back last summer. It was not funny at the time, but now we think of it as a blessing...kind of a wake up call for all of us. God can use all things for good!
    love and prayers and thanksgiving for mentoring and new friends, jep

  13. Have not commented in awhile - but wanted to let you know I'm praying for Patrick in whatever it is he is dealing with. So, so thankful that the Lord is omniscient and He knows!!!

  14. Prayers to the BLessed Mother and St. jOsehp

  15. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I will be happy to pray for Patrick and for your family.


    Bridget in Minnesota

  16. Praying for Patrick and your family. 1 Peter 5:7 I remember years ago giving a prayer request here when I was driving with my two young girls from west Texas to the coast of NC by myself to visit my family while my husband was deployed. Our Mini Van practically drove itself the whole way the trip was so easy and I have no doubt the QL readers prayers were answered.

  17. Prayers as always for you, Patrick and the entire family. God's blessings on your call.

  18. Chrystal4:17 PM

    I had such a lovely time with you! Thank you!!

    Sending prayers your way!


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