Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love music. All kinds.

 August makes me want to listen to Greg Brown.

Emma's friend, Carolyn Marcotte,  released this adorable and catchy tune last week!
We love it!
(Carolyn went to Stevens Point for college.)

 If the link does not show up below, here is a link to click to listen.
Just Be Sweet To Me

Enjoy these great songs!!!

Encourage one another,


  1. Katie Boucher11:46 AM

    Carolyn your song is wonderful!

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Yes, I am in total agreement with Katie - great tune, Carolyn! You have real talent!

    I must admit, I don't know who Greg Brown is. I have huge holes in my musical knowledge :-/

    ~ Susan in Munich

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      p.s. Just listened a bit more to more tunes by Greg Brown. He's catchy!


    2. Greg Brown is a Midwest folk singer. From Iowa City. He was mentioned in Rolling Stone and tours year round but he has never had a national audience. I love his songs as well Neil Young's songs. He is a poet.

    3. Anonymous1:27 PM

      he had a couple of songs about Morning Coffee :-) AND Letters from Europe. Those of course caught my eye, and I liked what I heard. His father was a preacher according to Wikipedia!


    4. Yes. He was. Greg is a wonderful story teller. He talked about his father, and grandfather a lot.

    5. You should look for the song, "The Cheapest Kind".
      "But the love, the love, the love,
      it was not the cheapest kind.
      It was rich as rich as rich any you could ever find."

    6. Anonymous2:31 PM

      I just finished the dinner dishes, and took a listen. Oh that song ... it is precious. I kept thinking about my own Grandpa. thanks Donna xx

    7. Anonymous10:05 PM

      I had never heard of Greg Brown- I like his voice and style! Yes, very Neil Young sounding. I enjoyed Waiting on You on youtube and The Cheapest Kind, too. Thanks, Donna.

      Debbie Z.

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I swear I thought it was Emma on the front of Carolyn's cd cover. Great voice and happy, catchy tune! Thanks for sharing. Karen F.

  4. Love that sweet song!!! Very catchy.

  5. She has a beautiful voice!

  6. I am so happy for Katie---------I am looking forward to keeping up with her team. I LOVE the song. Good beat and GREAT lyrics. I posted it on my FB page for all to enjoy. I hope this post works. I have lost my last 2 tries in recent weeks.

  7. Cyndi K G10:08 AM

    What a great song -- catchy tune and I LOVE the lyrics!


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