Friday, August 01, 2014

Taste Buds gone bad.

I hope it is temporary but I have been experiencing the weirdest thing.

Since my bad cold a month ago I can not taste well.

In fact.  You are not going to believe this.

I can not taste my beloved iced chai well enough to spend four dollars on it.
This break in a three year habit is nice for the pocketbook....but it's kind of freaky.

For a full week I was without any taste.  This was the longest this has ever happened to me.  I have had colds where I couldn't taste for a day.  But this one went on and on.

It is no fun to eat if you can't taste.

Slowly my sense of smell and taste came back...a little.

But to tell the truth I think I am tasting at about 50%.
Sometimes I can not taste and sometimes I can.

I read on the internet that it can happen and my whatevers need to recover from the stress of a bad cold. 

But I want to know....

Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?


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  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Hi, your pen pal in Germany here. I posted a photo of a lovely latte today on FB, with the caption that *finally* it tastes good to me again, after a week of "bleh" - which if you know me and my love for all things coffee, you would know how weird that is. Kinda like you and your beloved Chai lattes with EXTRA zing!

    Today, my morning Nespresso tasted yummy again - hooray!

    BUT ... my point and I do have one ... my dear friend Mary in Oregon told me today that her husband has been without fully functioning taste-buds since the beginning of May! Oh my lanta! Since he had a severe cold.

    Donna, I hope your senses get back in the swing of things soon. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and that certainly includes tasty things!

    Til then, bless your heart

    Hmmm, I think I'll have a cup o'joe right now!

    Susan (Mrs. Munich)

  2. I found this interesting article. If I were you, I'd see a doctor. You might have some leftover inflammation that can be treated.

    BTW: I have TWO friends who have no sense of smell or taste. One hit her head and the other had a brain tumor. It's funny talking to the one who had the brain tumor. (Well, not ha-ha funny.) He eats jelly beans all the time and tells me that he inspects each one before he puts it in his mouth and tries to remember how each one tastes based on their color. He's actually pretty good natured about it, but I think it would be terrible.

  3. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Oh mercy. No chai? That's terrible. I don't know of anyone that has had that for so long.

    I hope your taste buds come back soon!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I love the sidewalk chalk photo. The colors are so beautiful. And I hope you get your sense of taste back very, very soon. How horrible for you. I had a two-week period where I couldn't taste anything and I had not had a cold. Then it dawned on me that I had been using a new toothpaste, a super whitening one. I quit using the toothpaste and my sense of taste came back. I hope you can discover as easy a fix somehow.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Also I smell cigarette smoke all a lot.
    This is also linked to brain tumors and ghosts.

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      say WHAT?

      do what Debbie did, switch toothpaste. yikes.


  6. I lost my sense of taste over 3 years ago. Got tested for increased mineral levels in my blood, saw an ENT, drank bottled water...nada. I gave up pursuing a solution when I started feeling like I was crazy. Unfortunately I continue to eat like a banchee, my sense of smell still works so the dark smell of chocolate and the creaminess of a double stuff Oreo is a delightful treat.

    1. My heart goes out to you Peggy Anne - glad about the chocolate and Oreos though!

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Back home after a whirlwind two day trip to celebrate our BIL's mother's heavenly transfer. She was in her 90's and had taken trips to all but one continent. Jet skied and parasailed in her 80's. Even rode a camel in Egypt and said that was not as much fun as she had hoped. Sadly, she had Alzheimer's the last five years and it robbed her of her memories, but did not rob her of her smile. So, I am catching up here on the last three entries. Hope your sense of taste returns soon. We will be praying for you! love and prayers, jep
    PS I do visit here often to read what everyone else has to say....could be I am messing up your totals.

    1. I doubt it Jep. You are loyal but hundreds in a day is a bit much. Your relative sounds charming. I'm sorry for your loss.

    2. Missed you jep!

      I am nodding in agreement with Donna, she sounds wonderful. So sorry that Alzheimer's entered into her story, as so sadly happens these days; blessed for her to be home in heaven.

  8. Very interesting, Donna. I guess I've never heard of taste buds coming and going. I don't think my taste buds have ever been extraordinary nor has my sniffing buds. Seems I need an extreme taste or scent to even mention it to anyone. Guess I'm pretty ho hum boring, eh?

    Tammy ~@~

  9. Anonymous8:20 PM

    This happened to a relative a few years ago. His mother liked it, because he is one of those people who always smells food put in front of them before they take a bite and comments if it smells burned or missed seasonings. His mother rarely burned food and was a great cook (great cooks don't always like unsolicited opinions). He regained the sense of smell after a while. Hope you get well soon so you can enjoy the chai lattes!

  10. My taste buds had issues. I had a virus that affected me at least five weeks and part of that time my beloved morning coffee just did not taste good!

  11. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I join all the others in hoping your taste buds are back to normal very soon!! Starbucks is counting on you. :)

    Mary Z

  12. My grandmother had this problem after a severe cold and ended up having sinus issues then surgery which fixed the problem. One of my friends fell and hit the back of her head while skating backwards and it took three years for her to be able to smell or taste anything! Can you believe that? I hope your taste buds get back to working soon so you can enjoy your chai. (My favorite drink is a chai latte. I've never tried it iced.)

  13. there was a span of several years when my aunt Melanie could not taste anything. there was literally 1 or 2 things that she could taste at all... she got really skinny ;) perhaps there are worst things than not being able to taste.

  14. No! That has never happened to me before. Is it bad that I sort of wish it would for a couple of months so I could stop eating like a maniac???? : )

  15. well yes, I was pregnant!

    1. Kathyb. I am most likely not pregnant.

  16. Anonymous7:51 AM

    yes! i used zicam nose spray when sick and haven't been able to smell or taste much since then. did you use any products like that while sick?


  17. Anonymous12:54 PM


    My brother in law is losing his sense of taste and smell. His father has had no sense of taste or smell for years. He eats what he remembers that he liked, and he still puts cream and sugar in his coffee even though he can't taste it. It's in their genes - like having bad eyesight. My brother in law is still quite chubby, even though he can't taste much. His dad is very thin.

    I hope yours comes back soon!

    - Aimee

  18. Pregnancy has completely changed my sense of taste. It really is not fun, I hope yours goes back to normal soon! I desperately miss Starbucks, but cannot stand even the smell of coffee :-(

    - Melissa

  19. Like Melinda said, my mother-in-law couldn't taste for awhile. I would tell Steve back then in if I couldn't taste, I would just eat lettuce then.

  20. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I know someone who lost her sense of taste and smell after a series of sinus infections. I will have to ask if it ever returned. Hope yours does, soon. My sense of taste was very strange for about 24 hours after my knee surgery--a side effect of anesthesia. They asked me in recovery what I would like to drink and said no water, choose something sugary. The only thing I could think of was Coke which I almost never drink. It tasted so weird I may never have a taste for it again!

    Sandy C

  21. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Sorry, just realized how long ago you posted this! Time for my life to return to normal so I don't miss the important things like my daily does of Quiet Life.

    Sandy C


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