Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Emmy Red Carpet 2014

Matthew's beautiful wife always looks wonderful.  Last night she looked perfect. Her name is Camila.

"You're never fully dressed without a smile."  Or something like that.
Julia Roberts just looked so happy and beautiful in her Elle Saab dress. Very few of the actresses smiled.  I hope others follow her lead.

 This is Allison Williams.  She is Brian Williams daughter.
Her dress looks great on her.

This is Lena Dunahm.  Most people hated this skirt and top.  I LOVE that skirt.
I'm afraid it just didn't look the best on her because she is shortish and normal sized.  
But why shouldn't she wear something she loves and is so pretty...so what she doesn't look like her buddy Allison?  How many of us are 5' 10" weighing 125?  

I LOVE this look. Oh how I love that neck line and the crop and the full orange skirt.  
(this is sarah hyland from Modern Family)
Oh. And her makeup and hair.  Probably my favorite.

 Kaley Cuoco and her stunning dress.  Winner, winner chicken dinner.
But Kaley.  Smile...and spin around.  Have fun!

The show was quite good.  Mostly funny and clever.  I laughed out loud a hand full of times and that is saying a lot for an award show.  Sarah Bareilles sang during the memorial portion.  It was beautiful (she sang "Smile").  Breaking Bad won many more awards and I am a fan of that. So many shows I have never watched.   But did you know, I didn't watch the first season of Downton Abbey until it won an Emmy in 2011?  The day after the Emmy's I downloaded season One out of curiosity.  I'm happy I did :o)
I'm curious about a few new shows.  Fargo and House of Cards.  I'll let you know if I try them out.
Seth Meyers was quite good as a host.  I like him. 

So it was a fun night of people watching (as Emma calls it) and laughs.

 Do you like these dresses?
Did you see other dresses you liked better?




  1. I can always count on your to fill me in on awards show fashion! :) I didn't watch, but I looooove Camila's dress. Perfect!

  2. Amy J in WI10:00 AM

    I watched last night....it was actually pretty entertaining and didn't have too many "cringe"moments for me! I liked Julia Louis Dreyfus' dress. I have been watching her show "VEEP" - horrible language, but wickedly funny.

    Thanks for your recap!

    1. Amy, she is so beautiful!! I was going to post her as Lifetime Achievement :)
      Oh! She is smart and funny. Northwestern I think... With Seth Meyers. I've seen the first four Veeps. It's good!!

  3. I just spent a few minutes scrolling through pictures of the Emmys. I agree with your "let's have some fun and smile" perspective. Do you think they tell them, "Look cranky!" as they take their pictures? If you are going to be an actress, you would think you could ACT happy on the red carpet. But, thinking about it, I think it is riskier to let loose because you don't get that "perfect" look that some strive for. There is more of a chance for a double chin or a mouth wide open laugh, or something that someone out there has deemed less "chic." I just love the Jennifer Lawrence approach to all of it.

    I am not a huge fan of Julia's dress, but she is so incredibly beautiful. I would have made that dress below the knee...but that would make it so you had less of a view of those legs. Wow, those legs. Way to take good care of yourself, Julia.

    I loved the woman from The Help who wore the deep blue dress. Gosh, I wish I could remember their names. That color looked so lovely on her, and she always has such a serene look on her face. Went back to check the name: Viola Davis!

    The other fav for me was Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She is so cute and the red color was perfect on her.

    Adam Levine was looking dashing and quite happy on the red carpet last night, too.

    Always a favorite day here at Quiet Life.


    1. I forgot to post Adam Levines new bride. She looks super pretty in her black dress. She looks like a baby!! Very young. I have heard the pose face is the way to go. I disagree :)

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I loved Sarah Hyland's dress, too! So different and fun and the skirt color was beautiful -- as is she!

    I think Seth did a decent job as host, but Jimmy Kimmel totally cracked me up with his bit about Matthew McConaughey. :)

    Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams was funny, touching and just beautiful. That was my favorite part of the night.

    Mary Z

  5. Oh yes! Jimmy Kimmel was very funny! I also liked the "bit" on the streets.

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Oh I miss not watching award shows. I'm a sucker for them. Especially the "in memorium" part.

    thanks for these photos - I LOVE Sarah Hyland's outfit, love the color. Julia Roberts would wear a sack and look pretty darn good if she flashes that beautiful smile.

    I'm trying to remember how I began to watch Downton Abbey, who clued me into it. Maybe I was actually a trendsetter and watched it before my friends? I can't remember!! ha

    thanks Donna - youddabest!

    ~ Mrs. Munich

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I didn't watch the show but I knew I could count on you to post photos. I agree, I absolutely love the Sarah Hyland outfit. That orange skirt is simply to die for. The older I get, the more I love orange. Not in my house probably, but in an item of clothing here and there. So cheerful and energizing.

    Debbie Z.

  8. I think Allison Williams dress is really cool!!!! It's youthful. I like that.

  9. Didn't watch the awards but House of Cards has to be some of the ABSOLUTELY BEST drama on TV in years ... scary and un-nerving (is that a word??) LOVE Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright ... perfect together ;-)

  10. I had to come see what dresses you picked out. You picked all of my favorites. Sarah Hyland has never looked prettier. I also loved Lena Duhams skirt. Perhaps a different top would have been better, but I just adored the skirt.
    House of Cards is so good! It's one of the few shows my hubby will watch with me. He's more of a movie guy. My top recommendation for a tv show right now would be Derek with Ricky Gervais. I just stayed up til 2:00 a.m. binge watching the whole first season. It is the sweetest show I have ever seen and it has made me laugh and cry. So, so, so wonderful. Yes, that many so's. :) If you haven't watched it you must.


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