Monday, August 25, 2014


Bounty. One. Only. Summer'14. Three plants. Farmer donna.

My sense of taste is coming along nicely. 

Just in time for tomato season here in Wisconsin. 
Yes.  Our tomatoes do not redden (is that a word) until Aug/Sept. 
And because of the weather.  Sometimes they don't ever even redden.

The above tomato is my first and only red tomato. 

Feel free to call me Farmer Donna.



  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Farmer Donna, I am so happy that your taste is coming back. And hey one tomato is better than none right? I'm trying to be optimistic.
    Speaking of farm life, we have no more chickens. Thanks to a fox. I am sad, Kris is not. We are going to get more little chicks next spring. Now I have to search for farm fresh eggs because I don't think I can ever go back to store bought.

    Happy Monday!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I echo Sarah P - I'm so happy that your taster is getting back on track!!

    (by the way, SAD about the chickens, Sarah P!)

    Remember in the south, they fry up the Green Tomatoes, or is that just in the movies? ;-)

    Have a good day, Farmer Donna!

    ~ Susan in Munich, who buys her tomatoes at the market

    1. sonjasunshine9:24 AM

      Definitely NOT just in the movies! We love our fried green tomatoes, or at least I do. A new burger joint just opened here (Smashburger) & they have an awesome burger served with two fried green tomatoes on top of the patty. Yum Yum Yum!!!
      ~Sonja Sunshine who eats bowls (plural) of garden-fresh sliced tomatoes for dinner several nights a week, but reserves the fried ones for an occasional special treat :-)

  3. My Dad's tomatoes were so good this year. He would bring me some fresh ones and I would gobble them up! Kaish and Bri both hate tomatoes so they would find it odd that I would eat a tomato all by itself for lunch.

    Today is their first day of 9th grade. I have been crying on and off all morning.

  4. Sorry about your chickens, Sarah. We have had several tragic poultry losses around here. Foxes love our easy access chicken house! I do miss those incredible eggs.

    It takes amazing commitment to be a farmer in Wisconsin...I admire your efforts, Donna. That tomato might be lonely, but it sure is beautiful. I can almost smell it! Tomatoes are the smell of summer to me.

    Happy Monday.


  5. Nice! And even nicer that you can taste it!
    We were given some heirloom tomatoes and they are the best tomatoes I have ever eaten. Wish I could share them with you!

  6. Anonymous4:09 PM

    The tomato looks good enough to eat!! And I'm sure it was yummy!

    Prayers for moms crying with children starting 9th grade, foxes getting into hen houses and of gratitude for your "taster" returning!

    Mary Z

  7. Last time we tried growing tomatoes here in Colorado they were very small, and only a few. Need a green house when you're above 7400 feet here for anything to grow.

  8. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Back to school time is full of emotions. And good intentions.

    I remember when I had kiddos at home it felt like New Years Resolutions time. I *will* make interesting and delicious sack lunches! I *will* have a special folder for all school forms - haha. I *will NOT* weep a little to see them go. Fail.

    BUT ... the first solo trip shopping usually put a smile on my face ;-)

    (((hugs))) to all the gals

    ~ S


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