Tuesday, August 19, 2014

growing things

We are not called to be great.
Be we are called to reach our our hands to our brothers and sisters,
and to care for the earth in this time we are given.

~kent nerburn

Waters elementary school. Lincoln square Chicago. #citygarden #thankskids #thanksteachers

In Emma's neighborhood, smack dab in Chicago, sits a tidy looking elementary school.
One side of the school yard is a massive garden.  Just before you enter the garden path you will see a kindergarten potato patch.  Inside the garden you will find sunflowers and tomatoes, beets and corn, wild flowers and grasses.  It's lush and overgrown.  It's peaceful and damp. It's earthy and really quite a blessing.  Thank you teachers and students at Waters Elementary school.


Grasses on a hill in Wisconsin.

Don't you love to watch grass and fields blow?
I do.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Came back to see how you were doing this morning. It's been a couple of years since I touched base with your blog... 2 new babies, bed rest, preemie, 2 moves, new house - not much time to read blogs. But something made me think of you this week. So glad to see you're still writing in this place and beautiful Katie growing up and adorable. I'll have to check back more often.

  2. How nice to see you again! Such a busy season of life for you.
    Thanks for thinking of me.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Yes, I love to watch grass and fields blow. I love to be driving down a road on a summer evening and see the late sun making grass tassels golden. Always makes my heart sing.

    Debbie Z.

  4. I think having a garden at a school is brilliant, for so many reasons. Many lessons can be learned in a garden that cannot be taught in a classroom.

    Our day is cooler, with breezes blowing. So glad that we are headed toward fall.


  5. Beauty to be found in the country and the city; love those flowers by the way :-)

  6. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Nature is where it's at, yo. : P

    I think having a garden at a school is brilliant, also. A kindergarten potato patch just sounds adorable.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. How did you and Sophia do today?

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      This is becoming my nightly stop as I don't know what to do now that Sophia is in bed so early. : ) Today went great! We didn't cry. I think I've cried enough the past couple weeks that I was ok today. Ha ha And Sophia was happy when I picked her up. She has a good teacher so that helps. : ) Thanks for asking.

    3. So glad she is doing well, Sarah. Prayers for you and her coming from NoCal.


    4. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Thanks ladies!



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