Monday, August 04, 2014

Todd Rundgren.

 Katie and I were watching a tv show and they said something about Leroy and I had to sing this....

This album by Todd Rundgren is from 1972.
I listened it to over and over the summer of 1975 when I spent the summer before college in Nancy and Binky's cottage on lake Minocqua.  I was up there mostly alone for most of the summer.
I read Gone with the Wind, suntanned during the day and worked at a clothing store every night.
(DeByles before it was Omni).  Anyway the records were my brother in laws.  There was Motown and Send in the Clowns and Todd. 
Lots of nights I was afraid to go to bed so I would watch the tiny tv until it went know...Star Spangled Banner and snow.  Then I would head to bed a bit terrified and sleep.

The 8-tracks in the car were Chicago, That's Entertainment and one other that I can't think of right now.

All the songs from that summer are special to me.

I can hear the water lapping against the dock and see the amazing light flickering thru the leaves.
And these good songs.

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Oh, I love Hello It's Me. That song takes me straight back to high school. Isn't it great to have really good memories of that time? Music is such a time transporter. And the sun tanning. My sister and I used to crawl out her bedroom window and lie on towels on the roof, slathered in baby oil to catch the rays. A dermatologist's nightmare, but those wonderful 70s songs playing on the transistor radio. Happy, happy days.

    Debbie Z.

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    We were a youngish married couple and those 70's songs were on the radio all the time. Neither one of us recognize the name Todd Rundgren, but we certainly remember Hello It's Me. Good memories, thanks for the reminder.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Anonymous2:49 AM

      jep, it was the same for me - I thought "Todd who?" until I gave a listen to Hello It's Me. Then I had an ah-hah moment. Memory and music go hand in hand.

      Susan (Mrs. Munich :-)

    2. Memory and music are powerful things for me. I should tell my kids so that if I get dementia, that might be a way to bring me back for a moment (-: I can just hear my kids, "Wow, Mom. Planning ahead for dementia. Really????" Oh well. I think it is a great idea (-:


  3. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Not to rain on your parade, but i always hated that song, "hello it's me"...........drove me nuts. Now give me Motown and I'm good to go............Ain't no Mountain High enough! I would be as afraid as you were there all alone, don't blame ya one bit! Karen F.

    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Todd does killer soulful covers of marvin Gaye Go to you tube and find Todd Rundgren. & Darryl Hall doing.g a killer version of "Didn't I" by The Delphonics. PHILLY SOUL!! 2

  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    WLS and WCFL on the transistor radio. What fun, summer memories!

    Mary Z

    P.S. Molly was at Lollapalooza and her favorite performance out of all three days was Foster the People. She said they put on an awesome show. We both remember first being introduced to them when you posted a clip on QL. :)

  5. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Donna, you be brave!

    Sounds like a summer of transition and being on the verge of ... who knows what? Exciting times.

    Music is linked to so many great memories. In 1977 I moved to Seattle with a dear friend (had only begun dating my hubby before the move) and I remember driving through downtown Seattle looking for apartments listening to "Just the way you are" by Billy Joel. Ah the memories.

    (p.s. I moved back to Anchorage to get married only 7 months later ;-)

    Susan (in Munich - your German penpal)

  6. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I only recognized Hello It's Me, but it took me right back to my childhood!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  7. I have always struggled with fear of the dark, so that cabin would have been a challenge for me. But what a memory! Reading Gone with the Wind (how long did it take you???) Sounds like a summer that should be in a book. Lake Minocqua Summer. With a blockbuster movie made from it (-:

    Happy Tuesday,

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Sounds good to me! jep

    2. Not too long to read the book. I remember reading until the sun came up. Tears running down mt cheeks as I gazed out the window at the beautiful sun rise. It was poetic. After all ... It was tomorrow. Another day.

  8. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I love how music can transport us back to a different time and place. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of what a gift it can be.


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