Monday, March 06, 2006

And the Winner is.....

Jennifer Lopez in this gorgeous gown.

She knows what she is doing!

And this young lady is a model from Germany named Diane Kruger. I think her dress is demur and beautiful!

One more think about this that I look at it reminds me of 'fancy pants'.
Fancy pants are the little diaper covers with ruffles.

(You have to be over 35 to know what fancy pants are :o)

And if I was talking to Diane about her dress....I would not have told her that. Cause I have some sense.

The red carpet coverage was terrible. I tell ya...why O why don't I have that job. Isaac Mizrahi was an idiot who didn't ask the right questions....and Joan and Melissa were mean and unfunny as usual.

Neither of my winners were interviewed on any of the shows I I do not know the designers of their gowns nor did I see a close up of Miss Fruger. Too bad. She was lovely from a distance.

If you know who designed either of my winners, let me know :o)

Many of the dresses were pretty and few were hideous.
Dolly Parton's pink dress was like cotton candy on steroids.

Mom: Don't you think by this age (Dolly is 60) she would replace those breasts with smaller ones?
Emma: She likes them, Mom. She says she likes the way she looks.

I watch the awards for fashion, humor and tender moments. I liked Jon Stewart just fine and the fashions were very nice...but the tender moments were few.

Both, Best Actor and Best Actress, Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Reese Witherspoon, thanked their families and were very gracious.

And that is my quick update on the Academy Awards.


This evening I will be on a panel discussing different methods of homeschooling. I will be sharing what I know about The Classical Method.

I better refresh my memory on why I chose this method seven years ago.

I am certainly not an expert...just the only person they could find who Classically Educates and is willing to sit on the panel.

I've got some homework to do today.

Wish me well on this :o)

(Too bad it is not a panel on Oscar dresses. That would be a snap!)

Encourage one another,

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