Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yeah, yeah, you had 70's in your town yesterday...

it's snowing here this morning!

My son actually called from Omaha yesterday on his lunch break to brag about the weather.

Can you believe that? Smarty pants :o)

I hoped it might be headed this way...but no.

Really....I'm still okay with it being wintery. If it were May and we were still looking at snow...then I would be getting a little crazy. But in Wisconsin, March is still winter.

Did you know teenage girls could be funny and rowdy and silly and loud?

Maybe it was the apple crisp I just fed them...but man, they were silly.

And I just love it. For some reason it makes me feel so good inside to see these big girls play like little girls.

And you know how I feel about hearing my children laugh :o)


On Keeping a Holy Lent

If you would like to read an excellent article on Lent. The above link will take you to a very thoughtful piece.

I especially liked the questions Rev. Higgins asked;

Lent is a time for focusing on the heart, a time for asking questions about our spiritual health:

What are my characteristic sins, and how can I work and pray for change?

What idols have captured my imagination so that my love for the living God has grown cold?

In what ways is my devotion to Christ and his church less than wholehearted?

I spotted this article at at a hen's place

Thank you, Miz Hen, for passing it on.

Wishing for you all...time to reflect....and time to laugh.

Encourage one another,

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