Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I must have been hungry or had French things on my mind, because Sunday I purchased a copy of Bon Appetit.

The cover picture of Pasta with Panchetta and Broccoli Rabe looked amazing!
And inside I spotted a recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu.
I am usually not a daring cook...but I may just start hunting down the ingredients for this splendid looking concoction!

All I need to find is;
Cointreau (do you think they sell a really little bottle of this?)
Mascarpone Cheese (I know they don't have this at Millers)
Fresh Strawberries ( June...must I wait til June?)
52 crisp lady fingers (Boudoirs or Savoiardi)(Hum?)

Other than that...I'm good to go :o)

With a Christmas gift certificate a purchased a fantastic Wok sauce from Williams-
Sonoma. It is called Chinois Kung Pao Wok Sauce.

This sauce makes creating a delicious Chinese stir fry a snap!

I sauted (stir fried) onion, carrots, mushrooms and red, green and yellow peppers
until they were partially cooked. I pushed them all to the side of the pan and then added cut-up pieces of chicken. When the chicken was cooked, I mixed the veggies in with the chicken and added 3 Tablespoons of the Kung Pao sauce.

That's all it took. And it is restaurant good!

Actually better than Wisconsin Chinese food, restaurant good :o)

Check out your local Williams-Sonoma (I could not find this product on-line)


Dating advice from Elisabeth Elliot's mother.

1. Never chase them.
2. Keep them at arm's length.

My mother would have added;

A girl's best friend is the word, 'No'.
(Sisters, correct me if I have that wrong. Mom never said it to me, but I think Nancy told me that one)

Of course Elisabeth Elliot fleshed out those two simple rules.
But, I like that simple list.

Elisabeth's father told her brothers, "Never tell a girl you love her unless you are ready to follow that with an immediate proposal."

I never thought to advise on that.

Have you, set rules,for your children and dating?

Encourage one another,

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