Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Five

Dana was thoughtful enough to send me a great topic for the Friday Five. She was wondering how other women handle those daily bumps in the road. Things that go wrong to potentially mess up the day....and what nifty solutions have you come up with.

1. Do you have a particular meal-in-a-pinch? Something you always have on hand that can be whipped up at the last minute?

2. Do you have a Emergency Kit for when and if the electricity goes out?
What is in it? And where do you keep it?

3. Do you save water? Where and how do you store it? How much?

4. Do you know how to change a tire on your car?

5. OT: Do you remember your seventeenth birthday? Did you like being seventeen?

Happy Birthday, dear, Birthday Girl.
You have been a blessing and a gift to us, since the moment you arrived!

Love. You.

We all have a busy day today. Going in different directions. I don't like it one bit. Somehow, we will squeeze in a birthday song and a little gooey cake.

Better get clippin'!

Encourage one another,

Pay a visit to Dana's site! She is sharing some fantastic looking recipes!

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