Monday, March 13, 2006

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Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Emma and I watched the new Pride and Prejudice yesterday afternoon.
We both quite like it.

It was not better on any account than the BBC production that we love so much, but on it's own, it was entertaining and interesting.

Mr. Wickham was very handsome to me, in an Orlando Bloom sort of way, and I can see his appeal more in the new movie. However, Mr. Wickham's part was cut so short, it was a wonder the story came together in the end.

The part that interested me the most was the family's station. This new version has the Bennett's living a much 'earthier' existence. Their class is much different than Mr. Bingley's and Mr. Darcy's. (Mr. Bingley's Netherfeld is very elegant and refined. He has many servants.)

The Bennet's are a bit ill-kept and 'relaxed' around the house.

Presented this way, it was easier to see the class difference. And perhaps understand Darcy's snobbery.

So, now I want to know which might be a more truthful presentation.

Emma and I are currently reading Pride and Prejudice and I will be looking for hints to the Bennet's home conditions.

Other than that, Emma felt Mr. Bennet was too daft but she liked the cinematography
very much.

I would give the movie a B.

I did, however, miss so many of my favorite lines!

It was quite vexing! (They never used the word 'vexed' once! Can you imagine! The writers must think people in this century would not know what it means)

What do you think of the depiction of the Bennet's 'earthy' portrayal in this version of Pride and Prejudice?

Encourage one another,

Thank you for your (hugs) for Matthew and Melinda.
I can't even think about how awful that accident could have been.

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