Monday, May 15, 2006

Do I tell...or do I not tell....

So, I am starting something today that will be foremost in all my I should blog about it, right? But I feel like a cyber-copy-cat a little so I was not going to tell about it....

But, I know I will be thinking about it A LOT.

So here goes...

I am starting a Fat Flush diet this morning.

My sister Janet did a Fast a few weeks ago and was delighted with the results.

Bud, since I have some scar tissue issues from previous surgeries I didn't feel I could go on a liquid diet. But, the other day at the library I picked up a book called The Fat Flush Diet. This diet includes protein and veggies and fruit so I felt it might be a better fit for me.

Now, if what this author says is true, I have kind of a lazy liver from all of the caffeine and other toxins. She says one of the major symptoms of a 'fat liver' is carrying a lot of weight around the tummy. Which I do.

My last try at Weight Watchers was so difficult and disappointing, I pretty much gave up after 25 weeks and only twelve pounds lost.

Perhaps my liver is compromised by the caffeine and other stresses.

It's worth a try.

I'm ready to try.

So, Phase I is two weeks long.

The most difficult part will be cutting out the Diet Dr. Pepper.
I'm afraid my four/five a day habit has not been a very healthy choice.

So in the words of a famous fattie....

"Awaaaay we go!"


Bummer about Terry NOT winning Survivor, huh?

Danielle's word was worthless. I'm so glad she did not win.

Once Terry lost ..... I lost interest....


But Grey's Anatomy proved to be the most dramatic, heart-stopping show of the night!!!

The two part finale ends tonight and I can't wait to see how the writer's handle this episode.

I think last night was the best cliffhanger I have ever seen! Terrible and exciting all at the same time.

The acting between Denny and Izzy is remarkable.

Don't die Denny!


Matthew's home! Hooray!

We have redecorating to do today! We will be putting the bunk beds in Emma's room and moving the twin bed into Katie's room. This way Matthew doesn't have to share with Katie. This should work out just fine...if we can get the bunkbeds apart.

Emma bought and wore a shirt that said "I love Mom" yesterday.

It was her gift to me.

I loved it :o)

Encourage one another,

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