Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes, I am still knitting...

Albeit slowly....very slowly.

The yarn for Janie's socks is scrumptious! Janie is the mom who will host Emma when she goes to England. From what I hear, it is still rainy and cold in Manchester. A pair of wool socks might come in handy.

Emma leaves four weeks from TODAY!


I do not like The Picture of Dorian Grey. I really don't like entering a world without redemption. I will's not so long...but man, I much prefer to read books that lift my spirit rather than drag it down.

I am too simple and emotional for these sorts of books.


Yeah Taylor. I'm glad he won. He is a talented and interesting performer.

Look how pretty Katherine is. She was very sweet and gracious. She wins too :o)


The Fat Flush is still going great.
I feel well. I am eating well.

How's this for lunch

Tomatoes (cut up)
Cucumbers (cut up)
Onions (chopped up)

Apple cider vinegar (at least 1 Tbs.)
Flaxseed oil (One Tbs)

This is the most delicious salad I can think of!

In a few weeks. I will add Feta cheese to that salad, and will be in salad heaven :o)

It will be in the 80's here today.

Time to buy the little plastic swimming pool for Katie.
(This is a yearly tradition :o)

Encourage one another,

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