Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I took the plunge at the pool yesterday.
Katie was delighted.

We live in an unfriendly place.
Not one child said hello or was interested in playing with Katie. (either day at the pool)
Katie is learning the social graces of Wisconsin. She has stopped going up to other children asking them if they would like to play. She has learned.

And this is very sad to her momma.

Katie did, however, sing "Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener" at the Sing the Jingle, Be a Star Auditions.

She bravely stepped up the the mic, with the warm wind blowing and the big people looking on, and quietly sang her song.

In a week we should be able to view her audition on the internet. I'll post it when we can see it :o)

It was the exact Wienermobile that my sister Cindy rode in last month.

It's license plate is 'Yummy'.

Watch for it in your neighborhood. Ya can't miss it!

Encourage one another,

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