Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Verb Meme.

From Laney

I AM: Thankful

I SAID: This computer is just a fad.

I WANT: To be a good mother.

I WISH: For three more wishes, of course!

I HATE: Waiting.

I MISS: So many people!

I FEAR: Personal poverty.

I HEAR: The clicking of keys.

I WONDER: Why kids rebel.

I REGRET: That I gained so much weight since High School.

I DANCE: All of the time.

I SING: All of the time

I CRY: When I am happy.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Positive.

I MADE: Schwanns Roast Beef and Mashed potatoes for dinner. I drank a smoothie with Whey.

I WRITE: From the heart.

I CONFUSE: Myself.

I NEED: Conversation.

I SHOULD: Clean the house.

I START: My day blogging.

I FINISH: My day plucking little hairs from my chin.

I BELIEVE: Grey's Anatomy is the best drama on television!

I KNOW: That my girls love me.

I CAN: Remember really trivial things.

I CAN'T: Imagine what heaven is like.

I SEE: A glass of cran-water with psyllium and stevia and a straw.

I BLOG: For me and you.

I READ: Every day.

I AM AROUSED BY: Never-mind

I FIND: Items right after I have purchased a new one.

I LIKE: Sock Yarn

I LOVE: Being with friends and family.

Phew....that was a doozy!


Hooray for the Hippies!

They did it with goofiness, brains, kindness, a little brawn, and style!


Encourage one another,

(If any of the categories tickle your fancy, feel free to share in the comments.
Feel free to take the meme to your own blog, if you would like :o)

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