Thursday, May 18, 2006

Friday Five

Five things my mother taught me.

1. My mother taught me how to love my children.
2. She taught me to make spaghetti and gravy.
3. She taught me to appreciate music.
4. She taught me to make her coffee in the morning so it would be ready when she woke up to drive us to school.
5. She taught me that it is joyous to be a mom.

Thanks LB!

Fat Flush report

I am feeling almost normal.
I wish I could have a bagel. (In fact, I crave a bagel much more than I crave a pop)
I have lost seven pounds since Monday.
It makes me almost gag to drink the cran-water.
Stevia is a good thing.
The Whey protein powder and flax oil are not bad, really.
I do not have diarrhea.
I am not starving.

So far so good.


The homeschool prom is tonight. Emma will with go with her girlfriends. Her dear friend Marie, from up north, came to town for the dance, (She was asked by one of Emma's guy friends)

It's all about hair and makeup and fingernails and dresses today....

So fun :o)

I wish we could have gone to the prom with our girlfriends....
It would have been so much more fun than going with those boys I didn't really care a hoot about. I just went because they asked....and well...who wants to miss a big party and the chance to dress up!

Anyway....I will post pictures tomorrow of the gorgeous girls in their finery!

This is a night they will always remember :o)

Looking forward to reading your comments today....I think this is a really great(and inspirational) Friday Five!

Encourage one another,

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