Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sockapaloooza send off!

Today is the day that the socks for the Sockaplaoooza are sent to their new owners.

It was fun to be in a swap!

Did you know I will be getting a pair in the mail too!
So exciting!


After I am finished kniting my pink and green Trekking xxl socks,
I will knit a pair of socks for Janie (the mom of the family that Emma is going to visit) Janie mentioned recently in an email that she was still chilled to the bone.
Don't you think some woolen socks are in order?

Here is the yarn that came in the mail yesterday.
Isn't the mail great?

Sunshiney Yarn goodness!

Glorious yarn on a dandelion free yard!

I think it's all the years on a golf course that make my husband love a lush lawn.
I like it too.

Katie seems to have had a change of heart about dandelions lately.

(sitting in the car on the way past a baseball field)

"Look at all those dandelions! Technically, they're weeds" states Katie.

"I think they are pretty". I said.

Question of the Day

Do you cut your sandwiches? Do you always cut them a certain way?

Encourage one another,


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