Saturday, May 06, 2006

Phew...One down...

You would think this Communications major would not have a problem speaking in front of a crowd...but I do.

I get nervous and I forget the words.

I am a talker. A long talker.
In a small group setting.

But in front of a crowd I would much rather not speak.

I like being a part of the choir. Never a soloist.

So last night my 6-8 grade sign language class had a short performance at the Choir concert. They were all cool as cucumbers....I was a ditz.

I had to say a few words before we started our sign language demo and was scary.

After my speech I stepped off stage and turned my back to the crowd and led the students in three sign lang. pieces.

They signed;

John 3:16
As we come to school today (poem)
God Bless America (song)

They did great! They are such smart and respectful students!

And the interesting thing to me was that these same students had their concert after the intermission and many of them had speaking parts and solos and staging and songs to sing....
Man our little sign performances was so basic compared to the short play they all performed....

And I was worried about them getting onto the risers....and speaking a few lines.

But I do have a new hairdo!!!

Yes, two years after my last hair cut....I got a hair cut and some highlights yesterday.

When I am unhappy with my hair...I just pull it in a ponytail and forget it...really!

But I think I like this cut and this length...and the highlights are pretty good...but a little light. Katie thought I dyed my hair grey!!!!

That's nice to come home to, I tell ya!

"Why is your hair grey?"

"It's not grey....I'm trying to hide the grey...Does it really look grey???"

Gotta get the girl some glasses!'s a photo.

Here's wishing you all a sunny spring day!

Encourage one another,

p.s. The 3-5 grade sign lang. class will preform next Friday so I get to practice my public speaking some more :o)

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