Tuesday, August 22, 2006


"It's Alive!"

I was asked in the comments a few days ago, "Is it hard to knit lace socks?"

I can answer that now.

It depends on your definition of the word hard.


I think climbing a mountain or doing Algebra are harder than knitting lace socks.

It's more like....walking around Chicago with blisters on your heels.

Fun. Pretty. Painful.

The hardest part is keeping your place.

Every row is different from the row before...so you must sit with the pattern on your lap (or within eyeshot (is that a word?))

If anyone speaks to you...or the phone rings...or you look away...
you could be in trouble.

How could this be made simpler, I mused to Lynn,

Me: I wish I had a little piece of paper that I could stick below the line of instructions I am knitting....that I could move, after each row.

Lynn: Like, a Post it?

Did I tell you....I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed?

But, I did buy some Post-its.

And I am getting the hang of it...

Yet, I have been warned...

"Wait until you turn the HEEL!"


Just imagine a cross between Winnie the Pooh and The Little Engine that Could...

'I think, think, think, I can.'

Encourage one another,

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