Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Friday.....Five Things Meme

I was tagged.

And a five things meme...seems right for Friday :o)

Five things in my freezer:
ore-ida shoestring potatoes
pina colada mix (for my smoothies, really)

Five things in my closet:
Woolen shoes
New jean jacket
boxes of fabric
wedding dress

Five things in my car:
gas cards
SAT book
Newsboys CD

Five things in my purse:
library card

Five things on my mind:
prayers for others
Matthew going back to Omaha
where will Emma go to college?
it's almost time to walk
what happens next to Zippy?
(I am reading a book called "She got up off the couch")


You may answer here...or at your own blog...
You may answer all....or just one or two categories.

No pressure :o)

Fine Art Friday

Kim Parker

I was searching for a traditional portrait of a flower. The kind framed in gold.
But I spotted this contemporary piece on the way and couldn't pass it by.

Isn't it lovely. The colors are wonderful. It reminds me of the ceiling made of glass flowers.

It's humid and chilly here this morning. Isn't that an odd, summertime, combo?

See you in the comments!

Encourage one another,

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