Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ready, Set, Wait.


A Lace Sock Yarn.

I finally found some solid colored yarn to make the lacey socks with.
And then I misplaced the bag of yarn.

It was in the car....still, from the trip. It didn't make it into the house.

And then Emma kept driving away with the car.

So yesterday morning, I remembered the yarn, retrieved it from the car, chose the green from the bag, opened the pattern and read the needle requirements.

Size ones.

I've got those.

But where are they....

Ah. Here they are, otherwise occupied.

I must finish these pretty socks first.
This is how I learn patience and delayed gratification.

One doesn't go out and buy new 'Ones'...
Does one?

Have you ever bought new underwear because all your other unders were dirty?

I have not.

But I have purchased new wash cloths because all the other wash cloths were dirty.

For shame.

Encourage one another,

BTW, this accounts for my knitting world.

he he

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