Thursday, August 24, 2006

The thing I don't like about thunderstorms in the night is that I can't watch them.

As if my keeping an eye on them,
keeps us safe.

Four different thunderstorms galloped through our area last night.

I quaked and counted thru them all.

(One-thousand one, One-thousand two...)

I can't help it.

I count the lightening flashes to know how far away they are.

My friend, Cindy, told me I don't have to worry about sleeping through a lightning strike.

It would wake me.

(Wouldn't it, Janet?)

But when you go to bed with thunderstorm and tornado warnings...

it's unsettling.

12:30 welcomed the first round.

I tip-toed through Katie's room, stepped on her playmobile people, and peered out her window. Not much to see besides one wildly swaying tree.

Back to bed to listen for the dreaded freight train sound.

Dawn arrived to the sound of fireworks and canon blasts.

What a night!

And in case you're wondering...

this is what I'm afraid of.

Encourage one another,

Donna aka The Cowardly Lion

p.s. We will be gone for a few days.
I'll post again late Saturday :o)

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