Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Book lovers question

If you could visit any book, and live inside of it, meet the characters, etc.... what book would you want to visit?

I would choose Pride and Prejudice but I don't think I want to live with That Mother!

So I will choose Sense and Sensibility. It's full of the sisterly drama that I love, the setting is lovely, the clothes are appealing to me and a trip to London would be a great adventure.

I would like being around kind Brandon and I think I would get along very well with Elinor.

(Of course, I am assuming all in the book would be just like the movie...since, true to form, I have seen the movie (many, many times) and read just bits of the book.)

Fellow blogger Mere sewed a Regency gown and models it on her blog.

I sure admire clothing made by hand. It takes great skill to do it well.

Un-birthday build-up

Don't forget to come by tomorrow, September 27th, to wish me a Happy Un-birthday! (shameless, just shameless)

A drawing to win a pair of socks is in order, don't you think?

And since I am not announcing my age anymore....
I will wish for enough comments to last a lifetime :o)

So answer the bloggy question today
and come back tomorrow!

My birthday is always a blast around here!!!

Encourage one another,

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