Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Feast

What was the very last song you listened to?

I think the last song I listened to was something from Grey's Anatomy last night on television. But the song that I woke up with in my head is Nick Lachey's Incomplete. So if listening in my head counts. It's that song. Which I don't especially like...but it's there.

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?

Philip Morris.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?

One. I feel all fake and weird smiling in front of the camera. I would like to learn to hold my face with a pleasant expression. But I haven't learned how to do that yet.

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book?

I really like to use the flap of the book's cover as a bookmark. If the book doesn't have a cover, I use any old piece of paper.

But I have the most wonderful bookmarks...

That is a yarn label, laminated and decorated with the actual yarn.
Handmade by the clever and talented, Lynn in Wi.

Name a food that you like that most people don't.

This question is harder than I expected.

Blue Cheese or onions, I guess.

I like onions a lot :o)


Survivor started last night...anyone watching?

I know from Janet's blog, that the Glyman girls are watching Dancing with the Stars.
(Read her comments from Sunday and Thursday)

We can't help it. The love of dancing is in our genes :o)


Emma has her first soccer game tonight.

She has been playing soccer for fourteen years. That's amazing!

Many thanks to Anita from organizing the homeschool high school soccer team.
It has kept Emma healthy and happy.
It is one of her best things in life :o)


Go Tigers!

Encourage one another,

Don't forget the Friday Feast.

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