Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ok Go---Here it Goes Again

The Amazing Treadmill Music Video.

Watch it here and enjoy the delightful choreography!

Let me know if you have seen or heard of an out-take clip of this video...I would love to see that!


Flame was a hit! Katie came home worn out, but in a good way :o)

Her room is nice and tidy.

I finally had the courage to go through her clothes and I made the decision to give it all to Goodwill.

In June, I attempted to de-clutter, but only got as far as the bags:

A. Junky-holes in knees- Garbage bag
B. Out of style-worn- Goodwill bag
C. Still cute and nice- Garage Sale Bag
D. Favorite outfits- Can't Part with it Bag

Five bags are going to Goodwill.

The Can't Part with it Bag is staying here.

You see Katie wore some of Emma's clothes. Imagine the memories wrapped up in those pretty little dresses. I don't have the heart to say goodbye yet.


The Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend.
Might be a nice diversion.

Packers play tomorrow.
Our team is very young...
except for our quarterback.


While there's Brett, there's hope

Go Pack Go!

Encourage one another,

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