Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's the deal....

At my blog, if I say, I'm really busy...that is the code phrase for...
I'll be out of town and the girls will be home alone.

Lynn, always suspects and she writes me funny emails wondering what I am really up to :o)

I just hate to announce to the world that our girls will be home alone.

But yesterday I went to a funeral in Chicagoland.

Our cousin Jim died of cancer. Last I saw him was Aunt Lola's funeral. He was not/did not know he was sick yet.

He was friendly and talkative and warm. He wore a Jewish Prayer shawl around his hips. He had become a Jew since the last time I had seen him.

This was a puzzlement to most of us. Jim had been raised Catholic.

So yesterday I listened with great interest as the Psalms were read in Hebrew.
(Such an interesting language. I could not decipher any words....except Amen)

We all went to the gravesite and watched as they lowered the casket into the ground. After a short prayer we were instructed to throw dirt on the casket as a gift to our loved one. This is considered a loving gesture because one is not able to bury themselves. So we do it for them.
Without this explanation I might have found this creepy.
But it was touching.

My brother Jim and sister Sue both flew in for the funeral. They are well and I love looking at their faces and just being with them.

Cousin Jim's parents are still living and they were both at the funeral, of course. Along with many close and dear cousins. (You must remember, we are Greek)

And speaking of Greek...we had a dinner afterward at Yanni's;
A Greek Restaurant.

Honestly, someone needs to have a wedding or plan a reunion so we can all have a good ole' time, instead of always and only seeing one another at funerals.

Encourage one another,

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