Thursday, September 14, 2006

Does technology improve your quality of life?

This morning, I have to say, technology does not improve my life. It gives me a royal pain the neck.

I tried for one hour and fifteen minutes to get on line. I unplugged routers and modems, numerous times. I waded through the most inane voice menu only to be told to unplug everything...again...

Okay. I know you have had this happen. And you don't want to hear me rail against the man.

I just need to take a deep breath and calm my troubled spirit.

Ya See.

No internet. No worries.

But it also means. No you.

Would no internet send me outside to talk to a neighbor? Would I make a phone call or send a letter? Would I feel lonely enough for companionship to seek it elsewhere?

Do I even want to try?

Ten years ago, when we first got plugged in to the internet, I told my husband...

"This thing is just a fad."

He loves to remind me that I said that!

Encourage one another,

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