Thursday, September 21, 2006

Katie's little friends, sister's Leonie and Sophia, came over to play yesterday afternoon.
After flitting about the house, a bomb pop each, and playing Mario tennis they asked for a scavenger hunt. I only came up with a few things...

I could NOT think of anything else.
Even tho they asked and would have loved to find more.

(read: send scavenger ideas to the comment box, please :o)

A big green grasshopper was found and gawked at. I tried to pick it up for the girls...but it's feet were pokey and it made me jump and scream a little. So I gave up on that!

The hidden candy, however, was brilliant move on my part. he

After the briefest hunt ever, they came back in.

And I suggested they color with the Oil Pastels.

Well, this was a huge hit.
I think they colored for over an hour.

So there it is, my exciting news for Thursday.

and this.

"Mom, come and take my picture. The cat is letting me pet her."

and a cuddle with the sassy cat

That makes for a pretty great day :o)

Encourage one another,

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