Thursday, February 01, 2007

I guess I can pass this on....

I would be very happy if one of you won $25,000. to makeover a room in your home.

Happier still, if I won.

But what are the odds. So I am gonna share the information and hope for the best :o)

So here is a link to Kimberly-Clark's Room-A-Day Giveaway.

Room a Day Giveaway

BTW, I can assure you that I can fix more than just ONE room with that amount of money!

Hardwood floors, fresh paint, a little wainscoting here and there....
$25,000. would go a long way!

Good Luck friends! I hope one of us wins.

(The contest runs until Feb. 16th and you can enter every day. They announce a winner on the View every day. I'm positive you don't have to watch to win :o)


Now, I am going to tell you what Katie and I learned yesterday.

We are using Jessie Wise's book First Language Lessons.

Katie is learning about the parts of speech.
There are poetry selections and narration sections.

It is gentle and repetitive. She is learning and remembering.

Yesterday, WE were taught;

"The subject pronouns "I," "he," and "she" should always be used in the sentence pattern, "It is...." or "This is...."
The child should never say, "It is me!" or "It is him!"

So then we practiced.

Instructor:Let's pretend that you're knocking on the door. Go knock on it!
Now I'll say. "Who is it?" What will you answer?
Child: It is I.

Instructor: Now I'll go knock on the door!
Child: Who is it?
Instructor: It is I!

First grade material.
Well...that explains it.

I was little and looking out the window in First Grade.

But, why I never picked up that bit of information in my 40 Something years is rather amazing!

It's a good thing I home school my children.
I've learned so much!

Encourage one another,

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