Thursday, September 13, 2007

As Promised.

Wheaton Central High School
Class of 1975

I had more eyelashes and I had rounder teeth.

(Unknowingly I have ground my teeth flat and picked at my eyelashes)

I am sporting a hand-me-down sweater. I think it was Sue's.

My hair looks redder in that picture than I have ever seen it.
And my hair, is a little wet; from getting rained on as I entered the school on a Saturday morning to have this picture taken. Root Photography set up a studio right in the auditorium, we made our appointments and showed up for our two to four shots.

I must have bought the featured package, cause I have a whole bunch of 5 x 7's and wallets still in my drawer.

We did not order 80 wallets to hand out to friends.

It was not a special event like it is for so many seniors now.

But, there it is.

I weighed 132 then.

And I thought I was a fat cow.

For shame.
For shame.

You'd never guess....

good show

Okay that little round part on the front of my chin.
It's still there.

Encourage one another,

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