Thursday, September 06, 2007


In Katie's Reader, Busy Times, they use the word 'cross'.
It's either archaic or regional.

Do you use the word 'cross' for angry or upset?

I get cross when I am frustrated.
When I can not find what I am looking for....and we are late,
I get cross.

Unfortunately, I get cross at anyone who asks me a question when I am in my little tizzy. (Usually Katie)

Then I am cross and gruff.

Do you get cross?
What makes you cross?

How do you snap out of it?


If you are a very, very attentive comment reader, you will remember that Kris (P)
asked me if I would take her girls' school pictures this year. She usually goes to Sears every fall but thought this would be fun for a change.

I thought it would be fun and challenging too.

So, Tuesday afternoon, Kris and her girls came over.

I had scouted a few locations that I thought would make nice backdrops, but, Kris thought of an even better idea. Quivey's Grove has an old stone building and a barn.
So we headed there first. It was a great place to shoot.

Here are Kris' beautiful girls.

Kris wanted to see those missing teeth :o)

I was looking for a door...and here it was.
I like her hands in this picture.



Isn't she lovely! She is sitting on a basketball.
We call these, the basketball shots :o)
Beautiful Leah.


The girls are genteel and sweet and beautiful in real life.
And they have gorgeous skin and eyes too!

Perfect for a photographer with very limited photo shop skills :o)

But the funniest thing of all, was the viewing.

I had never done this before. So everyone gathered around right after our little shoot...and we looked at one hundred and fourteen pictures....sideways.
Yep. They were mostly horizontal pictures and my computer will not rotate them without a very long pause or ending the task completely.

So the four of us sat before the computer with craned necks and tried to pick our favorites!

It was very goofy.

I don't think this is how Audrey Woulard does it, do you?


Now don't forget to tell me how you get uncross!
Cause you know it's possible to turn it off...
just how do you do it before you solve your problem.

(If the phone rings when I am cross....I can snap out of it quite easily :o)

Encourage one another,

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