Monday, September 17, 2007

What would you wear?

The Emmy's were on last night.
Gee, it was dull.

The pre-shows were b.a.d.

And the hosts were two of my favorite yackers. Lisa Rhinna and Joey Fatone.
But they just didn't do well.

The actual show had some bright moments with nice acceptance speeches and funny, funnymen.

The red carpet, before the show was not filmed well.

Yes. Little ole me, in po-dunk Wisconsin, thinks I can produce and direct the Emmy's better than the Hollywood types.

Perhaps not.

But come on. We want to see a long shot. We want to see the pretty people walk a little bit in their dresses.
Neck up shots just don't show off those glorious gowns....and that is what it's all about, no?

What a pretty color on Vanessa Williams.
Vanessa is on Ugly Betty.
She plays a mean, mean magazine exec.

Jamielynn (from the Sopranos) looks just lovely to me.
The color, the bodice, the fit, they feminine style.
Yay, Jamielynn.
And it's modest.

This is Sarah, she is a goof ball on Scrubs.
I love this dress.
I love ruffles.
This is my favorite.

Which do you like the best?

Encourge one another,


Quiet Life Readers Prefer

Gorgeous up close!

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