Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday's Feast

What is your favorite type of art?

When was the last time you got a free lunch (or breakfast or dinner)? Who paid for it?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how emotional are you?

Main Course
Approximately how long do you spend each day responding to emails?

To what temperature do you usually set your home’s thermostat?

Answers in the comments!


Let the partying begin!!!


Look what I got in the mail yesterday from Dana @ Hiddenart!!!

Besides being the most excellent commenter, Southern Belle, and Sister in Christ,
she remembers my birthday!!!

Thank you, Dana!

I love my gifts! The house smells better already, the pecans are delicious...and those napkins! So cute. I think I will start saying that....

Happy Fall Ya'll :o)


Prelude to an embrace
cropped embrace
Totally spontaneous. I like how similar their body language is.
Click on this looks cuter, bigger.

Look who came out to help her mom.


Katie thought this would make a lovely bouquet.
Once she found this corncob, her modeling was o-ver.

Wisconsin Bouquet
Girl needs a manicure.

See you in the comments!!

Happy Fall Ya'll :o)

Encourage one another,

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