Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Second Grade

"Let's have crazy hat day today."

How nice it is to be Katie's teacher.
Really. It's much too easy and I shouldn't get paid a thing....

Oh, right!

I don't.


It's just our life and I love it.

For those of you who may be curious, here is Katie's curriculum for 2nd grade;

Pima Latina
Calvert 2nd Grade Math
Pathway Readers and workbooks
First Language Lessons
Science book by Silver Burdett
Bible (Children's) reading at home-Catherine Vos


Art and choir on Fridays, Awana on Wednesday nights and local rec league basketball.

Dress code is rather relaxed here at the Lamb of God Christian School.
Rollerblades optional.


On Labor day we visited a local state park called Governor Dodge.
Emma lead us to this really cool waterfall.



Emma is doing great with her college studies.
She's a keeper.

It's a tradition around here to share with you the prayer we pray as we start school.
I learned it 14 years ago when I ventured into homeschooling with Patrick, Matthew and Emma.

This comes from Calvert K.

As we come to school this day.
Let us not forget to pray,
to God who kept us thru the night,
and woke us with the morning light.

Help us Lord, to love thee more,
then we ever loved before.
In all we do,
in all we say,
to grow more loving
every day.


May your school days be filled with lots of love and lots of learning.

Encourage one another,

Pictures coming tomorrow of my first photoshoot!
Beautiful girls.

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