Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Helio Castroneves.

Who is Helio Castroneves?

He is the finest, smoothest, best-est celebrity/race car driver the stage has ever seen.

I was stunned and thrilled to see this man dance.
Helio has the smooth flow of a Fred Astaire and the playful smile of Gene Kelly.


Here it is!!! I will keep it up for a day or two so you can watch it here!

As you know, I had VERY low expectations concerning the contestants this year.
But, I was wrong.
There is someone to cheer for on Dancing with the stars and his name is Helio. (silent 'H' please ;o)

Helio and Sabrina. My top two. Yay.

I know some of you can not watch Dancing with the Stars.
Here is a clip to Sabrina (Cheetah Girl) from Monday night.

Sabrina's Great Cha Cha on Youtube

I'm going to link instead of embed because I have heard from a few of you that my page is taking a realllllly long time to load. And we can't have that!



So House fans. Did you watch? What did you think?

Gosh, I always feel so bad for the families who have to deal with House.
I wait and hope that House will have a kind word, a something, but it is just not in him.


For those of you without a telly....

I have a great story to tell and a not so great story to tell.

Not so great first.

I have tried for two days. Hours and hours. I have been trying to apply the photo shop technique that Ree taught on her blog on Monday.

I have followed her instructions perfectly, one hundred and thirty three times.

I get a blurred image and not blurred edges.
I get a red blurred edge.
I get a blurred edge without a picture.

So then I borrowed a book from the library and I tried their method for blurring the edges of a photograph.

And well.

It's just as bad. Just a dismal failure with this method, too.

So that was just bad for my psyche and ego AND attitude.

Bad. Bad. Very bad.

But you all and your funny and clever comments lifted me right out of my deep dark pit.


But here is a good story. You will all like this one.

On Friday night, I went to a Tastefully Simple party.

I didn't really want to go...but I was being nice.

What is two hours of my life...I can go fill a chair for that long...and maybe I can leave early.

Amy and Lynn said...there will be food. They told me their favorites.
Lynn likes the Almond Pound Cake and Amy likes the Beer Bread.

They were encouraging me to go...but were both,clearly, NOT interesting in coming along :o)

So I went alone in the rain and a stormy night....

The hostess had the table full of yummy products.
There were friendly, familiar people there.

I sampled and decided to break the bank and order three things; with shipping it came to a whopping $29.00.

It should be called Tastefully Simple and Expensive.

The hostess explained that someone from the party would be considered the 'hostess' and would get the free products that the hostess usually earns.

We placed our names in a basket.

Just as I was leaving. (first and 8:30) Kimberly chose the name from the basket.

It was me! I won. I will get products equal to %10 of the party sales.

I shout with glee as I depart for the door. "Buy, a lot!"

Classy, huh?

The next morning I got word that my gift was worth....$30.00!!!!

How fun is that!!!


You've got to take the bitter with the sweet.

Encourage one another,

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