Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My favorite things.

Oprah has a list of her favorite things.
She and her audience Oh and Ah over soaps and soups, linens and lingerie.
And then she gives her audience one of everything.
And everyone goes wild.

Well my favorite thing.
Can't be given.
You can't hold it or tie it with a bow.

But I know you love it too.

My favorite thing is great customer service.

I love it so much.

Yesterday at almost five o'clock Katie came up from the basement.

"Mommy, when I step on the basement floor, (carpeted)
it is wet."

Down I run to check it out.
And yes, the carpet is wet.
Water soaking through.

The water is not running down a wall, it is not coming from an appliance, and it is not raining. The water seems to be coming from underneath the house. Soaking up thru the cement and carpet.

Just as I'm discovering this mess, Patrick calls from Dallas.

(Yes. Something must go haywire when hubby is away. It's a rule)

He tells me to call the place in town.

Plumbing and Glass Something.

And so I do.

At 5:04 I call, expecting to get a machine.

"Plumbing and Glass Something", says a poised and professional voice.

I pause. I think this is a recording.

"Is this a real person?", I query.

"Yes it is." She says with a smile.

"Oh, I thought you were the machine." giggle, giggle.

And then I go on to tell her my soggy carpet tale.

She gets my information and says they will send someone over tomorrow.
But then she pauses and asks if I can hold a moment.

When she returns she asks if a fellow can come right over to look at it.

I say yes, if there isn't an overtime charge.

No charge. It's better to come now than get a call at midnight she says.

And so Josh comes to the rescue.

He checks things out, and turns off one little hissing valve and says he will come back tomorrow.

He is nice and young and hardworking. He had tacked on this little jaunt to his full day of plumbing.

He told me to run the humidifier and get a fan blowing on it.


What is better than having costly problems solved with grace and competence and speed?

It is my favorite thing.


I have another photography job today.
Yes, Lynn, I'm going to shoot more teens.

Today it will be the homeschool high school volleyball team.

I took the junior varsity pictures last week.

Sweet, polite, darling little girls.

Here is Nancy's (you know her from the comments) littlest girl, Tricia.

She reminds me of a colt, with those long legs.

With skin like this...who needs photoshop?

Such skin! Those eyes!
I really love brown eyes.


Do you have a favorite thing, that isn't really a thing, but something that just makes your day?

I better get dressed.
No telling when the plumber will arrive!

Encourage one another,

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