Tuesday, September 25, 2007



That "feisty kitten", Cheetah girl, stole my dance-lovin' heart last night on Dancing with the Stars last night.

Her name is Sabrina Bryan and she is in a created for television girl-band.

Or something like that....

What a delightful surprise!

AS you know I wasn't expecting much for this group.
And now I have a female dancer to look forward to each week.

I also loved her young and spicy partner. I love his personality.

No really. He has a great personality.

MelB aka Spice Girl is really very good too!

Tonight the men will dance on ABC.

Tomorrow will be the results show.


Grey's Anatomy returns!

Yup. Wasn't that nice to have the season premiere on my birthday?

I thought so :o)


Did you enjoy Dancing with the Stars?

Did anyone else notice the large number of capped teeth on the men?
Must have been the lighting cause they all looked like they had Chiclets for teeth!

(I suppose with that comment I will be forever off everyone's Nice List!)

They really weren't THAT bad....I'm just trying to make you laugh.


cheeto fingers
Picture time with my poor unfortunate over photographed Katie.

Guess what I gave her as a bribe to sit for me?

Encourage one another,

p.s. Thank you for sharing your Best books!

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