Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's see...what else can we talk about besides computer woes. Which seems to be the thing that stands out about yesterday.
(Read yesterday's comments to get a drift about what the day was like....and how it ended.)

But the good version of the day went like this.

Katie and I had a good day with her studies. We forgot to read for her Bible and she reminded me to do it.
That tells me she is enjoying it. Yay.

We read the story of Abraham taking his son up the mountain to offer him as a sacrifice.

My gut reaction to this story is one of dread even tho I know how it will end.

Katie was sure all along that Isaac would be saved. She was sure.

When I was young l I probably didn't like this story because I thought parents should love their children the most.....
close to how much they loved God....most likely even more than they loved God.

But as we mature we learn who God is and that Great He is...
and that it all begins and ends with Him.

Then we slowly come to the realization that it is God who deserves all the praise and glory and worship.

And that even our children can be idols.
or money
or our marriages
or food....

But before all the wrangling and awakening....is the time when you are a child and you can believe that God wil save Isaac because God keeps His promises.

And if we are lucky, we end up at that same place in the end.


And then Katie and I went shopping a little and I bought her a sweatshirt. Cause she didn't have a sweatshirt that fit her.
We bought it at the grocery store. Have you ever bought any clothing at a grocery store?

Then we came home and I took pictures of her running around.

This was my favorite part of the day.

This one makes me laugh.

I love this one for the focus. I take loads of action shots of Katie. She is very wiggly.
And they are usually a bit blurry. If you enlarge this one you can even see her eyelashes.

This one makes me think of The Miracle Worker. You must look past the ball to the wild girl.
Doesn't she remind you of Helen in the dining room scene?


And the last good part of the day was Dancing with the Stars.

Again I thought Floyd (the boxer) was the worst. His carriage is just all wrong.

Jennie Garth's carriage on the other hand was lovely. She looked very good last night.

Cameron (superman) is dramatic but I still think clunky.

And Helio has feet like Fred Astaire. Swift and right.
Notice Helio's feet. He is good.

What did you think?


So as Carole King says...we gotta take the bitter with the sweet.

Right, she is.

Encourage one another,

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