Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Sun



(This one made me think of you, Rechelle)

Sometimes I gather Katie and all her energy and my camera and head out to take pictures.

I know noon is the worst time.
But it was gorgeous out and I wanted to challenge myself a little.

Can I do take a picture in the bright sun?

I can boost the color and make these a little darker. But, ya know, I like em light and bright cause that's the way it was.


Thank you for your words of courage yesterday.

I will read over them a few more times today...before I leave.

You're the best .
I feel quite blessed.

Encourage one another,

I just spotted this on Rechelle's blog. She sings! The Country Doctor's Wife sings and plays a great guitar!!!

Listen to her sing this winsome, folky song.

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