Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anne Hathaway in a gorgeous dress!
Designed by Marchesa

Her hair is in a curly pony tail.
She looks a bit like a doe eyed Barbie Doll.

Which I think is quite nice :o)

Here is Forrest Whitaker and his wife, Keisha.
Isn't this an elegant dress?


Another favorite....Calista Flockhart looks just perfect, doesn't she?
I got just a peek of her on the red carpet and was lucky to find a photograph on Just Jared.



So after the whole night,the long boring show, I am sticking with my initial choices.

Heidi Klum's red dress was gorgeous on her and her make up and hair was perfction.
But for some reason I like Anne's red dress better.

Follow this link to a perfect slide show hosted by the New York Times.
Red Carpet

The pictures are great!!!

(And I really think the dresses were the most interesting thing the whole night.
Jon Stewart was so dull.
Regis should have done the whole show. He had energy and excitement and was fun and enthusiastic!!
Shame. It was a shame.)

Come back and tell me what you like!!!

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