Thursday, February 07, 2008




What's that sound?

Why, it's me scraping the bottom of the barrel, reaching deep into nooks of my gray matter
to find something to talk about.

What's a blogger to do when she doesn't want to bring up the weather again?

for Nancy.
You didn't expect me to go outside, did you?

What is she to do when she doesn't leave the house and the television writers are on strike?

Let's see.

I'll tell you how to set up a backgammon board.

That's what I'll do.

Cause I taught Katie to play backgammon yesterday.

I like backgammon ten times better than chess.

I bought my husband a lovey backgammon set about ten years ago.
I thought it would be a nice thing for him to do with me or the children.

It has gathered ten years of dust.
And I can say, most assuredly, it was his least favorite gift of all time.

So yesterday, when Katie and I decided to play she ran to get 'daddy's backgammon game'.

Of course, I couldn't remember how to set up the board.

So I googled 'how to set up backgammon board'.

(Really what would I have done without google? Call people on the phone to ask?)

I am going to print that picture and place it in the backgammon case.
Then I will always remember.

Do you know how to play backgammon?
It's really fun.
You should learn.

I wonder if my brother and sisters remember Aunt Dorothy and Ernie playing backgammon?


And the only other thing I did yesterday, besides play backgammon, teach Katie to "regroup" or "carry" as I know it, fry bacon, and watch American Idol was edit photos.

(Isn't Simon chipper this year? Jolly even?)

Black and White


Here's the color version.


Today I am going to learn how to remove the bluish tint in the white of her eyes.
* I am going to edit the black and white one too. The whites of her eyes look a bit gray.

Are you a black and white person or do your prefer color?

Hey! Matthew!

Happy Twenty-Third Birthday!!!
We love you.

Encourage one another,


Here is my attempt to lighten Katie's eyes.
Now she looks like she is from India to me. Why is that???

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