Saturday, February 16, 2008


The camera came back.

The blob is still there.
Whomever was suppose to clean it did not clean it well.
I could cry.

I can not be without it for 3 weeks again.
(They offered to clean it again.)

I am highly disappointed in Nikon.

The service people on the phone have always been excellent.

But whomever worked on my camera did a bad job.

I do not know if the bad pixels are still there. The camera came too late to check that out thoroughly.

I imagine that they are still there so I am putting off that disappointment a little longer.

Katie put Valentine stickers all over her face.
She is funny like that.

You can see the Webkins webpage in her eyes.


Jim, reminded me of a funny Glyman story.

When Jim was visiting last month, I made potato soup for lunch.

It was delicious and very hot when I served it.

Donna: Man, this is hot soup!

Jim: You better put some salt on it.

Donna:(smiling) You're right! I forgot about that!

When we were children, we believed that salt cooled things down.

Pepper made it spicy.

Salt cooled it down.

Made perfect sense to the seven silly eaters.

I had completely forgotten about that childhood belief.

And it really makes me smile that Jim remembered that :o)


Katie and I are looking forward to Ian's Pizza for lunch.
She says she is getting Macaroni and Cheese.

I don't know what I will get, but I will take a picture or two and report back later today.


See you later.

Encouage one another,


p.s. I'll bet a lot of you don't know that I have a recipe page.

It's here.

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