Monday, July 27, 2009

Beware:Way over-exposed picture I love....

As we waited for Cindy to arrive on Saturday, I took some pictures of Katie.
Some in the sun.
Some in the shade.
All with my 85mm 1.8 lens.

This is the lens that Patrick bought me a few months ago and I am not the best at using it.
So I practiced with it this weekend. (this or last? this sounds better...sorry if it is wrong)
It is longer than my other lenses and it is a little harder to focus. (Wiggles due to len length.)

So anyway. This is not the best picture I took of Katie this weekend.
But for some reason it is my favorite.

It wins. Best worst picture.


After a delicious home cooked dinner of "blue moon burgers", chips and pickles,
we headed outside for a quick game of four square.

Everyone who comes to visit gets to play four square with us.
Aren't they lucky?

Cindy was astonished. She doesn't think it is very common for families to play together nowadays.
Perhaps everyone needs a spunky nine year old like Katie.

Emma was standing in the spot with the pretty light.


High Fives!



We drove to the UW to show Cindy the Memorial Union.
It was just the perfect night.
A band was playing on the terrace.
The girls got ice cream (homemade Babcocks)

We sat and enjoyed and took it all in.

Katie was not in the mood.

But the bokeh was!


Cindy liked it there.
She liked it a lot.


I begged Katie to stand in this spot.

She didn't want to.

But I am the mom and can beg as well as Katie can beg.


Katie just had to climb on the big orange chair.

DSC_6331-2UW Memorial Union.
So did Cynthia!!!

We are having so much fun....


And in fairness to Cindy.

A big face picture of me.

Off to the New Glarus Brewery today for a very special field trip.

Seems this place holds some mystical pull to members of my family...

I'm not sure if I should show pictures of the cookies here.
You know. Rated G and all.

I think we would have received a B- in the decorating dept.
But they were fun and cute and really not too racy!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Talkie blog tomorrow!!!!

Encourage one another,

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