Saturday, July 18, 2009


When we were in Florida, I didn't brush Katie's hair for three days.
It was brushed on the 11th because of the wedding, but after that, I just gave up.

It hurts. We forgot to bring the brush. I was thinking about other things.

I would not win any awards for Best Grooming of a child. That is for sure.

And then her clothes. I pick out cute things for her...and she puts a blue shirt with brown and yellow shorts.

And there is no way I want to fight about it. I don't want to nag her and to tell the truth, I am starting NOT to notice.

I will not win any awards for Best dressed daughter. Nope.

I don't think I have the fussy, girlie gene.

If Katie said something unkind or sassy. I would be right on it. It would not slip.

There are mother's who can do it all. They can keep track of their children's attitudes and their stylin' ways.
My sisters, for example.

But I am the odd ball. I must be adopted.

My family!

Did you happen to notice the disconnect in this picture?
My sisters didn't talk about what to wear, yet they all wore white. Even my brother had some cool shades.
I am the glamour don't.

I have an elastic band for a bracelet!
My hair is a sight and my outfit is dumb.

But I love that we are all smiling and happy and together.

And that is all I was thinking about.

Happy to be together.

I will not win World's Best Multi-tasker either, will I?


In acceptance lieth peace.

Amy Carmichael was right.

In acceptance lieth peace.

I yam what I yam,

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