Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're home!

Oh! It's so good to be home.

It is wonderful to be on vacation and it is even more wonderful to be with family....

But there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed.
In your own home.
In the coolness of Wisconsin.

Dear Wisconsin,
I love your coolness.
Love Donna


We drove for 17 1/2 hours yesterday to get back to our beds and coolness of Wisconsin.

Emma and Patrick drove.


I sat in the back seat a lot with Katie.


Nintendo DS is a nice gadget to have along on a long car ride.

We played the alphabet game and collected license plates.

Late yesterday we passed a van from ALASKA.

It was thrilling.


I was relaxed and happy in the back seat. I was cool. This is the last time my mouth was closed for some time.

(This is on the way to Florida.)


The REAL reason we went to Florida was to see Wes and Stephanie wed.
They are just the nicest young couple. So together. So happy. So in love.


We found other reasons to celebrate while we were there.

Cynthia Carol!!! This is so her. So beautiful. So full of life!


This is Nancy. She is being harassed by fun-loving Cindy.
Nancy is our guardian angel.
When our parents died, Nancy was 20 years old.
She is the reason we stayed together.
She is amazing.
And gorgeous!


Here's Jim. Our big brother. Yes. The only boy.
He loves all of his nutty sisters.
And his silly sisters LOVE him!
He is gentle and thoughtful and very dear to us.

But he won't dance. Even when they play "We are Family".

What's with that?


Sister Sue is my Irish twin. She is the mother of the groom.
Look at that wonderful smile!
Sue handled all of the destination wedding mother of the groom duties with grace and style!


Janice is "A" baby. Our Greek baby.
She is so smart and witty. I had forgotten how smart and witty Janice is!
And she is a bit of a tease. Just like our dad!
Oh Janice! I love to see you smile!


Janet is "B" baby. Our Dane.
Did you ever see twins who looked so different as Janice and Janet?

Janet Jean, Where did you get those eyes, dear girl?
No fair. At all.

So that's the Glyman line up.
All present and accounted for.

And what did we do.

We hugged and laughed and talked and caught up.

...and ate fried food at the Kiwi bar overlooking the pool and the bay.


It was heaven.


And loads of fun!!!


Yeah. My mouth is open.
What can I say???

Coming up:

Wedding pictures.
Little swimmers.
Family photoshoot under the pier.
And excitement galore ;o)

Off to make breakfast.

I missed making my own food.
A lot.

I think I will be cooking more.
Did you ever realize that you can make better food than most restaurants?
I realized that this week.

So bye for today.
Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Encourage one another,

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